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Thanks to the help of our wonderful foster parents, we at Barkin’ Dogs are happy to have several fosters which are anxiously waiting to find their forever home – a home where they’ll offer their undying love to everyone in their new family.

In our photo slideshow, you will see photos of all that we currently have available. Look them over, read about each one, then contact us to arrange viewings. Before you know it, you’ll be smiling proudly as you show others the new addition to your family.

Here is a little about the two breeds…….

Australian Shepherds (Aussies): The Australian shepherd is a breed of a herding dog that was developed on ranches in western North America. Despite its name, the breed, commonly known as an Aussie, acquired their name because some were used to herd Australian sheep.

For many years, Aussies have the earned recognition in other roles due to their trainability. Like all working breeds, the Aussie has considerable energy and drive, and usually needs a job to do. In addition to dog sports, they are also highly successful search and rescue dogs, disaster dogs, detection dogs, guide, service, and therapy dogs.

Border Collies: Border Collies are very intelligent and aware of their surroundings. They are able to be trained to a high degree. This is one of the hardest working dogs thriving on praise. Border Collies are represented among the leaders in competitive levels in various sports, excelling in agility skills, obedience, sheepdog trials and Frisbee (TM). For those who wish to reach high levels in dog sports, the Border Collie is a gift from heaven.

The Border Collie is highly energetic with great stamina. Provided they gets sufficient activity to keep them occupied and ample exercise, the Border Collie will get along quite Well with other dogs..

They are perfectionist with a permanent will to please. This breed lives for serving you day in and day out. They are not ideal pets for people who have no plans to spend a lot of time with them. These dogs are too intelligent to lie around the house all day with nothing to do.

Please let us know if you would like to do a meet and greet with any of our dogs.

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